INTERDARM is founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by Niko Anastasyadis, a Greek businessman who carries on the family tradition of producing natural casings, now in its third generation. Rotterdam is chosen as headquarters because of the important location as import-port for natural casings

His son, also named Niko Anastasyadis, joins the family business and over the next years, he will develop himself as a technical expert for sheep casings and becoming a valuable asset to the company

Niko Anastasyadis takes over his father´s position as Managing Director in the company

A new production facility for cleaning and selecting sheep casings is opened in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which can accommodate up to 100 employees

Niko Anastasyadis jr. follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and joins INTERDARM

Start of construction for a new, 3.800m2 production facility in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which is built to the highest standards in hygiene, infrastructure and efficiency


People play an important role in our organization. INTERDARM natural casings are
produced completely by hand, and we have great respect for our skilled staff, who put
their dedication into the final product every day. Our experienced selectors calibrate up
to 8.000 meters every day!

But even with our highly motivated team, we cannot be successful all by ourselves. We
place great value on the long-term business relationships we have built up in Poland,
Egypt, China and New-Zealand. They play a key part in achieving a consistent, high
product quality.


We manage our operations from our headquarters in the Netherlands. Our production
facility is based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This modern factory with 3.800m2 working
area enables us to have full control over the entire production process under one roof.

The building infrastructure allows for completely separate workflows, ensuring product
control and full traceability. Modern freezing and cooling facilities help control the
optimal climate for our product in the different production stages.

Through optimized logistics we can supply our customers with short delivery times.

KEBFP9 ger ian sheep in a landscape of northern Mongolia